Find similar geometry

Hello Everyone,

Is there any OCC class which compares two Geom_Surface and find if they are same or not? For example, if I have two Geom_Circle then such class would compare radius and gp_Ax2 and return if they are similar or not.

I want to use it for BSpline and Bezier surfaces.


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Hi Ashish,

I don't find those kind APIs in occ kernel. I guess this searching algorithm is so fuzzy and is not implemented easily. I think we have to write it by self. For example, if you want to check whether two bspline surface is similar, firstly check their period, closed, number of control points, size. If all these conditions are fulfilled, next step is to transform the one bspline surface's control network to match another bspline surface's control network.


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Thanks for reply Ding.

I too did not find any relevant APIs. Your hint on matching bspline surface was helpful.