The first alfa is ready and available

I have completed the second version of the pythonCascade wrapper. It means that about 1800 objects (C++ classes) have been wrapped so far. This is a Windows based alfa version and available from this week with some sample applications. I will make it freely downloadable within 2-3 weeks I guess (I need to redesign and implement its site). Even until that I can forward you modules via email or ftp the whole library primarily for testing purposes if you do have time to test it. The plan for the next couple of weeks/months is the following: -implement a new site for pythonCascade -develop additional wxPython based sample code and wrap those modules that are needed for the sample applications (in a good case hundreds of additional C++ classes will be wrapped in a week) -wrap the remaining classes -develop Tk(Tkinter) and Qt based sample applications -testing and bug fixing Sorry for the long silent period. I do hope that this feature rich rapid application development library will be complete soon (there is a lot of to do though, especially in testing)

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Dear Sandor_ Racz:

Hi, I'm a graduate student and I'm very interesting in your project.
Can I get the chance to use your code ?
I can't find the way to download your code on your website.
send your reply to me.

Thank you.

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Hi Chang-Yong,

Sure. Please send me an email, I will forward you the modules as a series of email attachments or if you give me an ftp address, I will upload them there.
It is still not dowloadable. I am currently implementing a new website and the library with the sample codes will be dowloadable from there (hopefully soon)
Sorry for the temporary inconveniencies.

Sandor Racz