FitAll() very very strange result


I'm having a very strange issue when apply a display.FitAll() to two simple shapes. The first shape is a cube (CUBE_ON_ZERO.stp) generated by an external CAD in the world position (0,0,0). When I try to display.FitAll() everything is correctly shown: the shape is properly fitted in the view.


The second cube (CUBE_ROTATED) has been generated with the same external CAD, the only difference is that it has been generated on a plane ROTATED on random angles. The strange thing is that when I apply the display.FitAll() the image is not completely fitted in the view:


Even if I try to orient the shape in the view and apply a FitAll, nothing changes: the shape is not fitted.
Could you please help me to solve the issue? (attached the two STEP files)