Fix self-intersection for shell

Hello Team,
I cannot find the general way how to fix self-intersections for shells.

After importing from STEP I get about 2% of solids with self-intersection problem.
Please advise me a general way.

With respects, Eugene.

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Hi Eugene,

Did you ever manage to solve this issue?

I am experiencing the same thing.
In my situation after using BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing to create the shell, BRepCheck_Analyzer.IsValid returns true.
However when I then create a solid to perform boolean operations, I get errors about self-interfering shapes.
If I run BRepAlgoAPI_Check on the shell it does report the self-intersections.
I have tried using ShapeFix_Shape/ShapeFix_Shell to correct the shell but it does not produce the desired result.
In the picture attached, the desired result would be 2 shells, however it creates 5 shells; 1 overall shell and 4 shells made of individual faces.