Fixing the tolerances inside a shape


is there a way to recompute the tolerances of a shape and its subshapes, without doing a compleate repairing?
I need an algorithm which sets the tolerances of vertexes and edges to as small a value as is enough to cover the gaps.

My problem is the following.
I often have faces or solids which have high tolerances (0.001 or even 0.01), which make OpenCASCADE algoriths fail (boolean operations, etc.), but the real gaps are much smaller.
I was suggested to fix these shapes by setting all tolerances to 1.e-7 and then calling ShapeFix.
Maybe I will put this in an interactive command of my application, but it is too strong and risky to be applied automatically to every model, so I would like just to fix the tolerances without modifying curves, etc.

Thanks a lot.

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ShapeFix_ShapeTolerance::SetTolerance (const TopoDS_Shape &shape, const Standard_Real preci, const TopAbs_ShapeEnum styp=TopAbs_SHAPE)

Should help you to change the tolerance of your shape without repairing.


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Thank you for answering,

but ShapeFix_ShapeTolerance::SetTolerance sets a fixed (input) value in all subshapes.

I need a function which re-computes the tolerances, giving to each subshape the "right" tolerance value.

If it does not exist, I am afraid I will have to look inside the code of the ShapeFix package, to extract the tolerance computation.


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Is there some news regarding recalculating the tolerances? Is also would be interested in it.