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Hi !

This forum has looked the same for 10 years or so, it is pretty stone age, you cannot post images, there are no categories, just one long list, OpenCascade S.A.S take there hands of it, they will not answer any questions, the only thing you get here is announcements of new releases, that's about it, so there is no real reason to have the forum here.

I think a more modern forum would be much more of use, I miss categories most, just browsing through a 10 mile long list is not very fun.

I have set up an alternative at:
that you could have a peek at.

Now, this might just be me, but if any one else is interested in signing up there as a complement to this forum you are welcome, if there is any interest it would be nice if someone else would be willing to help out as a moderator.

And I will try to relay any announements about new release also.

If you think this is 100% useless then let me now and just ignore me ;o)

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I also thought of the idea to have a forum somewhere outside on a better engine. The drawback is that new developers would still come here. So it's better if this one gets improved.

Can we use this message as a signal to the OCC team to pay attention to this ?
It should be in everyone's interests to have a good forum here than anywhere else.
Can OCC folks comment on their plans and timing ?


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Hi Roman,

Thank you for raising this question again.
We already started technical analysis to build up the planning for re-designing of our forum. As it was mentioned in my reply in another thread here, we shall try to take into account the wish list prepared by the community. The main changes we would like to introduce are the possibility to attach files to messages and the possibility to browse such attachments in some convenient way.

We welcome the community to post any additional suggestions regarding the functionality of the Forum.
Best regards,
Forum supervisor

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Why do not you use some ready forum engine. It will cost less if you install a ready product than re-invent some new one.

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Indeed, I bet we will suffice with a standard engine (phpBB for instance). Let's start with something existing and simple which would solve 80% of most annoying issues. This community has needs very similar to those of myriads of others in the world, so standard solutions should work just fine.

I am not sure there is a strong need to specially browse via attachments. For fixes and patches (which are currently marked with OCCPATCH) we can simply create a separate thread and post there.

Thought on a process. Before proceeding to implementation you could post here your plan (no need of very detailed spec) and gather feedback. This can help you design something which the community thinks makes sense without big upfront investments. Just a thought anyway.

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Hello Folks,

I registered for Mikaels alternative forum. Of course I would favor an official forum based on a modern engine. I think until OCC renews it's forum or finds another good solution for this issue, I'll use both forums in parallel (when necessary), post a short summary of my problem here including a link to the URL on the alternative forum where I describe the problem in detail including images and [code]code snippets[/code]. The forum was/is of great help for me, but it definitely can be improved.