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FreeCAD Maintainers is considering to create an Ubuntu PPA for OCCT that we would build our daily PPA against. Ideally I could pull from OCCT git and push to our Launchpad repo. What is the process to get access to the OCCT git repo? And are there any pitfalls to watch out for?

On a side note are there any OCCT7 debian resources (ie rules or hints to create the debian folder)?


Thanks in advance.

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To get access to OCCT repo, you need to register on OCCT dev portal and sign CLA, see
Alas, we at OCC have no experience of preparing Debian packages for OCCT.
Having ready-to-use OCCT packages for Ubuntu and Debian is interesting for us and we will try to help you if particular questions appear.

You are welcome to use OCCT dev forum ( to share your progress and discuss any topics on OCCT.

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Out of curiosity why is it necessary to sign the CLA for access only? I don't have a problem with it by the way. Is it because you guys have automated pull request/testing procedures and you just want to make sure everything is understood before a merge (contribution)?