FreeImage Configure error. Linux

The file contains the following check for libfreeimageplus

AC_CHECK_LIB( [freeimageplus], [FreeImage_OpenMemory],

This fails because the symbol FreeImage_OpenMemory is an external symbol in libfreeimageplus:
$ nm -D | grep FreeImage_OpenMemory
U FreeImage_OpenMemory

Whereas, FreeImage_OpenMemory is defined in libfreeimage:
$ nm -D | grep FreeImage_OpenMemory
0001b0e0 T FreeImage_OpenMemory

If the c++ wrapper is required something like:
AC_CHECK_LIB( [freeimageplus], [_init], ..

Is required instead. Otherwise freeimage support cannot be configured.

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Dear Charles,
It seems you are using 'freeimage' from RPM for FEDORA 17 and naturally we know nothing about version of 'freeimage' and building procedure.

We compile FreeImage 3.14.1 from source files and both and contain FreeImage_OpenMemory symbol.
Compilation procedure is available on site.
We suggest you to try this way.