Fuse operation problem with multiple arguments and tools


I have an issue with the fuse operator (BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse).

I have 60 solids to fuse. When I fuse them with the old sequential “two-arguments” approach, it works fine (with the rights tolerances for vertices, edges, faces and fuzzy). So, when I put one solid into the arguments list and one into the tools list, I have no problem but it takes much time.

When I try to put directly one solid into the arguments list and the 59 others into the tools list (the new approach), I get the error code 213 and so no result (with the same tolerances and fuzzy value than the old approach). I didn't find a documentation about the error codes so I don't know why it fails.

EDIT : I have more information. When I fuse progressively the solids with the new approach (20 solids into the tools list then 30 then 40...) it works fine until the 35th solid. So why the problem doesn't happen with the old sequential “two-arguments” approach ? And I have no solution with the new approach even by changing the tolerance values.

Someone could help me ?

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Your Problem have been solved? I have the same problem.