Fuse without seams?

Around the time we upgraded to 4.0, we started noticing "seams" between fused (using BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse or BOP_API) shapes (primitives) that have co-planer faces. In other words, coplaner faces are not fused, even though the overall volume is. Part of our software requires the user to pick a face from the merged object, so having those coplaner individual primitive faces still seperate is not good.

I've played with ShapeFix, BRepAlgo_Sewing, TopOpeBRepBuild... None have produced the results I want: fused primitives in which coplaner coincident faces are also fused.

I've read that there is a bug in fusing when there are coincident faces, so I tried moving the primitives so that they overlap slightly, and it still produces seams.

Any directions on how to do this, or just pointing me in the right direction, would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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I have same proplem, anyone can gave me help?

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I read this page,and I know "Using the old API - BRepAlgo_Fuse removes the common edge".
But old API is unstable,it is often wrong, so I can't use old.
Any other solution?

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HELP 3ks

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Has this been resolved?

I've posted a similar thread hoping someone will address this.