Fusing of few TopoDS_Shape problem

Hi guys

Can someone explain what the problem with this fusing of some TopoDS_Shape s. I have 2 shapes (TopoDS_Shape)

1. See shape1_forum.stl

2. See shape2_forum.stl

when i am fusing them 

TopoDS_Shape res;

BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse fuser( s1 /*TopoDS_Shape*/, s2 /*TopoDS_Shape*/ );  

if( fuser.IsDone() ) res = fuser.Shape();

I am getting wrong result :( See Fuse_result.png I understand that problem can be in direction (normal) but i don't know how to fix this. Can someone write "how to fix those Shapes" or check result of fusing ?

Thanks in advance




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which OCC version r u using ? 

Also share the BREP format file instead of STL. 


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Attached iges files (but in BREP mode). Hope it's OK