FXOC project pre-release

Dear All,

I am happy to announce the project FXOC (https://sourceforge.net/projects/foxoc/). FXOC is a FOX GUI Toolkit interface for the Open CASCADE Technology components (3D surface and solid modeling, visualization, data exchange, rapid application development). Platforms supported include Linux, Windows NT/9x/2K/XP, and UNIX/X11 workstations.

This is a pre-release version of the library. Please take some time to check it out if you're interested. Visit


where you will find the released files, fox-1.4.5 distribution and a windows executable for those that just want to take a look. Note, that this is a pre-release version, mainly distributed for comments, ideas, objections etc., which are, of course, very welcome! I thank you all,

Best Regards,

Dimitris P. Servis,
Dr. Engineer,
Naval Architect and Marine Engineer,
E-mail servis@deslab.ntua.gr

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Hello Dimitris,

Sounds great from description. You might want to post your project in the Open Source project section http://www.opencascade.org/org/community/. This will facilitate receiving more eyes on your project and eventually will better contribute to Open Source initiatives.

Good luck.

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Hello Roman,

thank you very much for your answer and your kind words (also that I am now convinced that I am not transparent in this group ;-)). I did post it, under "New Components", hopefully it is the right place...