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I just stumbled over occ when looking for a powerfull, expandable open-source CAD-project. Everything looks perfect to me so far but... Why is occ using QT 2.X.X ? And is compiled with the gcc 2.95 compiler ? I am working under suse linux 9.0 / KDE3 and somehow dislike the idea of downgrading from the most recent tools.... By the way: I tried it with some QT 3.X and gcc 3.3, it wont work (why should it). The big question: Has anybody a version running with QT 3 and gcc 3.3? Are there any plans porting it to these tools (
Version 6.X...)
Thank you all for replies

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Hi Nino,

Since next public version Open CASCADE will support gcc 3.2 (our clients have just received v5.1.1 with that support).
Qt is used only for a few samples and the Tutorial, not for the core itself. We had to stick to v2.3 since there is a non-commercial edition for Windows (unlike Qt3.x). This enables a single source code for all platforms. However port on Qt 3.x should be straightforward.

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>Since next public version Open CASCADE will support gcc 3.2

Does this mean that next version of Open Cascade for Windows will be directly compilable under Cygwin/MinGW tools? Or this is just true for Unix/Linux operating systems?

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You do not necessary need to downgrade anything within your system.
Just add the gcc2.95.x compiler to your system and swap the link for the "new" old gcc-compiler.
The same goes for qt2.3
For example: SuSE Linux 8.0/8.2 has two qt-versions, being instaled parallel on it: 2.3 and 3.x. So just change the library-path ffor the OCC environment-variables and you will be fine.

Of course, a portation on the new QT and gcc would be a fine thing. But remember: There may be problems here and there later on when using OCC.

Good luck and let us all know, if you did succeed !

Best Regards