GeomAPI_IntCS is not robust enough even for some simple model

Hi All,

I am a little upset that this API can't work well even for some simple model(such as line intersect with a simple bspline surface). I have to trace it and fix this bug by myself. I search it in this forum, some other guys complain it also( a thread is about 3 years ago). Can OCC team fix it? Is there any other better method than GeomAPI_IntCS for curve/surface intersection?
Thanks in advance.

-Cauchy Ding

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Hi Cauchy Ding,
If you want to report a bug please be specific. Provide a test case and parameters which reliably reproduce a problem. Complaining that something does not work sometimes won't help ;-).
Recently dealing with Extrema (described in my blog), which is an engine for computing distances, I reviewed almost its entire source base and can confirm there are some cases simply not processed by that. For instance, a line with offset surface (or alike). These seem to be more like corner cases if OCC did not detect them with their test suites.
So if you really want to get your problem addressed, provide details.

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Hi Roman Lygin,

Thank you so much for your reply. I want to report bug and upload the test file, but how can I report it. Is there any URL available(such as bugzilla)?

-Cauchy Ding

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dear Cauchy,

Given that there *is* a bug tracker these days, perhaps its worth posting this example?

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Dear Cauchy Ding,
I suggest you to register the issue in Mantis Bugtracker which is available now via the Collaborative portal -