GeomAPI_ProjectPointOnSurf & Extrema_ExtPS Buggy


Consistently I've been running into trouble when finding the closest point on a surface.
I've tried GeomAPI_ProjectPointOnSurf and Extrema_ExtPS, and also ShapeAnalysis_Surface.
Consistently I've been getting really bizarre results.
To give an example:

sas = ShapeAnalysis_Surface(srf)
uv = sas.ValueOfUV(pt, 1e-4)
print 'distance',sas.Value(uv).Distance(pt)
distance 4.61494201492

Wow... garbage, and *way* out of the tolerance set.
Shouldnt such a method not raise an error rather than returning results that are out of scope?
So far most of my attempts projecting points to surface lead to grave errors.
Has anybody else had similar experience?

Stephane Routelous's picture

yes, i got this kind of problem with surface of revolutions
what kind of surface is srf ?


jelle's picture

Just a simple surface build with GeomPlate.
Looks exactly like a Gaussian distribution.