It's impossible to create a GeomFill_Pipe class with any constructors.
this is my code source
//ligne guide
gp_Pnt p1(-10,0,0);
gp_Pnt p2(10,0,0);
//Creation de la ligne guide
gce_MakeLin L(p1,p2);
gp_Lin Li=L.Value();
Handle(Geom_Line) geomline= new Geom_Line(Li);
//Creation de la premiere section
gp_Dir dir1(1,0,0);
gce_MakeCirc circ1(p1,dir1,10);
gp_Circ C1=circ1.Value();
Handle(Geom_Circle) geomcircle1= new Geom_Circle(C1);
//Creation de la seconde section
gce_MakeCirc circ2(p2,dir1,5);
gp_Circ C2=circ2.Value();
Handle(Geom_Circle) geomcircle2= new >Geom_Circle(C2);
GeomFill_Pipe >myPipe(geomline,geomcircle1,geomcircle2);
No problems with compilation but when I start the executable a core file of 1Go is made.
What's wrong with my code
thanks for your help

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Hi U have to call the 'Perform' and 'Surface' function on the new obejct to obtain the Geom_Surface. ------- GeomFill_Pipe newPipe = new GeomFill_Pipe( geomLine, geomCicle1, geomCircle2); newPipe->Perform(); newPipe->Surface(); -----------


- Prasad

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According to me, GeomFill_Pipe is not manipulated by handle. Your syntax is not correct.