geomplate_buildplatesurface and bounds ?


I have builded a surface using geomplate_buildplatesurface function 5 from curve constraints (generated from 5 edges that form a closed path). It works perfectly but i would like the constraints to be the bounds of the face.

Which class should i use to split/cut the face along these edges or set bounds to the geomplate_surface ?

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You do not have to do that, if you build a FACE i.e. a surface limited by a surface and a wire. What you should do is just to construct a wire of your 5 edges and add it manually to a face. Then to rebuild 2d curves. BRep_Builder is your tool, + ShapeFix_Shape could be used to make sure your final representaiton is valid.
A Plate sample (part of OCC shipment) can give you some clues but it's not very elegant and seems not to use all information (I've just looked for a few seconds, though, so can be wrong).

Note that you cannot have a SURFACE (Geom_Surface) limited by 5 constraints. All surfaces may only have 4 - called natural boundaries. These are iso-curves corresponding to definition space [u1, u2; v1, v2]

Hope this helps.

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Hi Roman,

of course it will help me, i've spent a lot of time trying to cut/split the face. I'll try to search in this way this evening.

Thanks for replying.