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I am trying to re-construct a b-spline surface from 3D points for eg. I know the coordinates of points lying on a spherical surface. I read the points from a file to TColgp_SequenceOfXYZ.

Now I use the GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface class and GeomPlate_PointConstraint class to build the Plate surface and MakeApprox to build the b-spline surface.

-------------- part of the code -------------- GeomPlate_BuildPlateSurface mySurfi(3,15,2); Standard_Integer i;

for (i=1; i

gp_Pnt P(seqOfXYZ.Value(i).X(), seqOfXYZ.Value(i).Y(), seqOfXYZ.Value(i).Z());

Handle(GeomPlate_PointConstraint) PCont= new GeomPlate_PointConstraint(P,0);

Henri.Add(PCont); } Henri.Perform(); Standard_Integer nbcarreau=9; Standard_Integer degmax=8; Standard_Real seuil;

Handle(GeomPlate_Surface) gpPlate = Henri.Surface();

TColgp_SequenceOfXY S2d; TColgp_SequenceOfXYZ S3d; S2d.Clear(); S3d.Clear(); Henri.Disc2dContour(4,S2d); Henri.Disc3dContour(4,0,S3d); seuil = Max(0.0001,10*Henri.G0Error()); GeomPlate_PlateG0Criterion critere (S2d,S3d,seuil); GeomPlate_MakeApprox Mapp(gpPlate,critere,0.0001,nbcarreau,degmax); Handle (Geom_Surface) Surf = Mapp.Surface();

------------- I get Standard_Failure: GeomPlate : abort calculation of Plate. Is it not possible to build closed surfaces or recreate a b-spline spherical surface. It works fine with point data available in the 'SamplePlate' example. Also no documentation on functions "Disc2dContour" and 'Disc3dContour", other than 'cdl' files??

Is there any way to fit a surface passing through scattered points ?

Any help would be appreciated .


- Prasad

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This was discussed earlier. Have a look in

Their's no documentation availlable besides this. Furthermore it is not possible to reconstruct a closed surface with Plate.

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Did you solve it and how ?