Get bounding box of a shape

Bnd_Box bounds;
BRepBndLib::Add(myShape, bounds);
Standard_Real fXMin, fYMin, fZMin, fXMax, fYMax, fZMax;
m_boxBound.Get(fXMin, fYMin, fZMin, fXMax, fYMax, fZMax)

when this part of the code is added to the program it says

error C2653: 'BRepBndLib' : is not a class or namespace name
error C3861: 'Add': identifier not found
error C2065: 'm_boxBound' : undeclared identifier
error C2228: left of '.Get' must have class/struct/union
1> type is ''unknown-type''

How can we remove these errors? Do we need to add any header file related to BRepBndLib?

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tryed #include "BRepBndLib.hxx" ?
or "Bnd_Box.hxx" ?

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thanks Thomas!!
that worked!!