Get Coords from a TopoDS_Shape or TopoDS_Face

I'm new in Opencascade and I searched a long time.

is there any way to get the TopoDS_Vertex of a TopoDS_Face and from the Vertex the XYZ-Coords?

need XYZ from TopoDS_Face aFace:
found this
Handle(Geom_Surface) aSurf = BRep_Tool::Surface (aFace, aLocation);
gp_Pnt bPnt = aSurf->Value(0.0,0.0).Transformed(aLocation.Transformation());


But i dont know what "aSurf->Value(0.0,0.0)" does

"gp_Pnt Value (const Standard_Real U, const Standard_Real V) const
Computes the point of parameter U on the surface. "


Thank You

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(u,v) represent a separate coordinate system along your possibly distorted surface to get intermediate points in between the edges / corner-vectors.

To browse the contents of a composite shape, have a look at: