Get header data from step

Hi I would like to read the information
from the step header , a header like this one:

FILE_DESCRIPTION(('a Product shape'),'1');
FILE_NAME('Euclid Shape Model','1998-09-10T11:25:01',('Author Name'),(
'MATRA-DATAVISION'),'OL-2.0B','EUCLID','Authorisation status');
FILE_SCHEMA(('AUTOMOTIVE_DESIGN_CC1 { 1 2 10303 214 -1 1 3 2}'));

Which class,can extract this data?

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Hello Hernandez
This might help you

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Thnx you very much for the link,
with that code I can get the data about persons, like name or role (creator , desginer)and data about the product, like product name ,category, product context, mechanical context, unit size. But I would like to read the information in the header, about the step schema, if it is AP214 or AP203, how can I get this information?

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Oh, srry, I already get the schema :),
with :

Handle(StepData_StepModel) model = stepReader.StepModel();

Handle(StepData_Protocol) protocol = Handle(StepData_Protocol)::DownCast(model->Protocol());

printf("It has a protocol : %s \n",protocol->SchemaName());

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Hi, I'm desperately looking for someone to help. Our client provided us with *.xdb files and we've been told these data was created in Euclid3 software. Is there any way to translate these data to something like DWG, FBX, OBJ, MAX, VRML or something I can work with in Autodesk Maya? I was messing up with BRL-CAD but no success.. We would pay a lot for this translation, or at least, we'd appreciate any advice or hint. thanks, Tom