Get "MANIFOLD_SOLID_BREP" entity names with STEPCAFControl_reader

I'm currently using "STEPCAFControl_reader" with the translation parameter "" set to 1 (otherwise XDE doesn't expand to sub-shapes).

I can find the names of the "MANIFOLD_SOLID_BREP" entities with ShapeTool "FindSubShape", but it returns 0 whenever there is only one sub-shape/solid body.

If there are multiple sub-shapes/solid bodies it does read the "MANIFOLD_SOLID_BREP" entity name. The only problem I have is that whenever there is only one solid body in the shape, I can only get the "CLOSED_SHELL" entity name, but not the "MANIFOLD_SOLID_BREP" entity name. I can also get the shape name buy that is not what I'm looking for.

The only thing I can think of is that if there is only one sub-shape/solid body it is not considered as a sub-shape. So my question is then how do you get the MANIFOLD_SOLID_BREP entity name.

Is there any way to find the name of the solids for example I want to find "Boss-Extrude1" and "Boss-Extrude2".


Thanks in advance,