get the shorter path (in terms of distance) between two vertices of an object

I found a graph structure in OpenCascade but at a very low level of API.
Is there an higher level API in Cascade, that gives the shorter path in a graph. The graph I need is simply a graph where each node is a TopoDS_Vertex, each edge is a TopoDS_Edge weighted by its length.
The return value may be a TopoDS_Vertex List or TopoDS_Edge List.


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I do not think so. This is not a graph-datastructure oriented kernel for AVL-Trees, H-Trees, dis-/oriented Graphs and binary trees and such related things.

You might be better of with free libraries like CGAL, maybe in combination with LEDA and so.

It would be a real challenge to include both into one´s project: OCC and CGAL.

Hope this helps you