get the type of doc stored in TDocStd_Application

Say I have a few subclass of TDocStd_Document, then use TDocStd_Application::NewDocument() to add instances of those subclasses. (I've subclassed TDocStd_Application as well):
Handle_FooDoc fooDoc;
myApp->NewDocument("foo", fooDoc);
Handle_BarDoc barDoc;
myApp->NewDocument("bar", barDoc);

I then iterate over the docs:
for (int i=1; iNbDocuments(); ++i) {
Handle_TDocStd_Document doc;
myApp->GetDocument(1, doc);
// how do I determine the type of doc?
// doc->IsKind(STANDARD_TYPE(FooDoc)) never succeeds

Ive attached a short compilable example.

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Ok, so I was way the hell off the mark there.

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I suppose that you expect to get storage format ("foo" | "bar").
For this you may use doc->StorageFormat() method.

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Hi sergey,

Well, foo and bar were just names I threw in for the post. The attached source of that post uses "XmlOcaf".

What I ended up doing was overriding NewDocument() to accept Handle_FooDoc&, and Handle_BarDoc& to create instances of those instead of an instance of TDocStd_Document.

IsKind(STANDARD_TYPE(FooDoc)) now works with the reference GetDocument() gives me. So now I can discern between the different types of docs I have stored in the app instance.

I guess there are a few different way to go about this. I'm just experimenting right now.