Get the value from TColgp_Array2OfPnt

Sorry for these stupid question, I've these code:

/*********** start code **********/
Handle(Geom_BSplineSurface) ocSurface = aConstrainedFilling.Surface();
int nUp = ocSurface->NbUPoles();
int nVp = ocSurface->NbVPoles();

TColgp_Array2OfPnt ocmyPoles(1, nUp, 1, nVp);
/*********** end code **********/

Does someone tell me how can I Get the value from the matrix ocmyPoles? Somethink like:
int val = ocmyPoles[1][1];
int val = ocmyPoles[1][2];

I see the guide for TColgp_Array2OfPnt, but it has not a member GetValue.


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When you look in the help at TColgp_Array2OfPnt , you'll see the text:

See Also

Follow the link for TCollection_Array2, and you'll see that the access function you need is simply (), so you'll need:

gp_Pnt myPole = ocmyPoles(1,1);

Follow the link for gp_Pnt, and you'll see functions X(), Y() and Z() - use these to access the X,Y and Z coordinates of myPole!


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Thank you,
I've tried that and it goes well.
Sorry, but I'm a newbie :-)