Getting dimensions from IGES files - desperately need help !

Hi everyone,

I'm new to OpenCascade and have just basic programming knowledge.

I need to write a VC++ 6.0 code that does a quantitative comparison between 2 geometrically similar IGES models and computes a similarity measure, based on an index that I plan to use.

To achieve this, I need to access the dimensions of each of the 2 IGES models and do a comparison. Like I said, I have very limited programming knowledge, hence I would really appreaciate it if someone could tell me how to go about it. After I create a blank project/workspace in VC++, what source files, header files etc. from OpenCascade do I need to use in my project Each library/source file in OCC seems to be trying to access like a 100 other files. Does this mean I need to include all these other files too?

As elementary as these questions may seem, I really need someone's help on this !

Thanks a bunch,


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Can anyone provide some help regarding this please ?