getting tristrips for rendering?

I have a TopoDS_Shape that I want to render. What is a good way to get tristrips to send to the renderer?

Thanks to Vidhyan's post in this thread:
I know how to get all the vertices, but I'm hoping there is an easier way.

BRepMesh seems promising, but I can't figure out how to use it.


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I don't think OpenCASCADE does the stripifying, but those 2 libraries (among others) do :


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If OpenCASCADE doesn't do tristrips, how does it render? Is it just sending individual faces to the renderer?

I plan on using OpenCASCADE for modeling, then render via some scene graph library (currently I like OpenSceneGraph). It looks like I could use TopExp_Explorer to get the faces, edges and vertices and I could feed that to the rendering engine, but I was hoping there might be an easier way out. Sounds like there isn't.

Now I'm a little worried about performance because TopExp_Explorer seems a little heavy. Hopefully I'm wrong about that.