GLSL shader support fails on OSX / OCC 6.7.1


I've tested one of the finest recent additions to OCC on osx 10.8.5 / OCC 6.7.1 and unfortunately GLSL shaders are not working.
I've checked this by running the test harness / DRAWEXE and created an example in pythonocc [1]

My question is, will this important feature be operational in the 6.8.0 release?




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Dear jelle,
We have checked GLSL Phong program on current development version of OCCT (on OS X (10.6.8 and 10.9.5)) and confirm that the test worked as expected.
Ray-tracing is currently unavailable for OS X, see the issue:

Best regards

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Looking forward to the 6.8.0 release and thanks so much for the feedback / good news...