gmio: Fast STL read/write with OpenCascade!

Hello dear OpenCascade users,

I'm pleased to inform you about the very first release of gmio.
gmio is an open-source C library providing I/O support for the STL file format(more CAD formats in next releases).

Major characteristics:

  • fast: gmio is x500 times faster to write binary STL than OpenCascade, see benchmarks
  • feature-rich: format probing, infos retrieval, ... see gmio_stl
  • reusable: based on streams, seamless integration with OpenCascade through gmio_support
  • portable: C90 conformant but it can use recent C features if available

Get the source code and try it ! Any comments, remarks, questions are welcome.
        >> v0.1.0 ZIP archive or git clone
        >> Build instructions
        >> Examples of use