Good Hardware configuration

My opencascade project has about 6000 elements and has sluggish reponse time in an AIS context. Any common knowledge about which Graphics cards and AMD vs. Intal processor/motherboards provide the best results under windows 2000.


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Are y sure its the graphics card?

Probably writing a more liteweight replacement for AIS_Shape is the solution.

I have a mining appliaction which is graphically very simple, works with contour lines, not horrible complex 3d entities. I cannot work with AIS_Shapes cos its too hopelessly slow.

I replaced it woth some VERY SIMPLE AIS_InterativeObect inherited classes and its much faster!

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I think we should initiate a discussion about how to enhance the graphic performance of AIS, i.e. some tricks to avoid the AIS overload.


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Could you tell me what kind of inherited classes from IAS_InteractiveObject you used to speed up performance.