Hello, a very simple question. when I defined an gp_Ax1/gp_Ax2 object as following:\

gp_Ax1 myAx1;

and I have include the file, but after I compile, the compiler says: it uses undefined class "gp_Ax1", but when I defined like this: gp_Ax1 myAx1(); it's ok, but when I try to use method of this object, it cannot.

same happens when I try to define 'gp_Ax2'. could you tell me how this happens? by the way, I use VC++6.0 in windows.


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Hi !

Could you post a short example of the problem, it sounds weird, as long as gp_Ax?.hxx> is included you should not have any problems.


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When you use gp_Ax1 myAx1() an indefinite axe is created.So it's normal methods don't work.
For more details read the gp_Ax1.cdl file