gp_Pnt2d to gp_Pnt


I am just wondering how can I convert the gp_Pnt2d type to gp_Pnt?


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Assuming you want to put it in a particular Z plane (like Z=0), you simply create the 3D point using the 2D coords:

gp_Pnt pnt3D(pnt2D.X(), pnt2D.Y(), 0.0);

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for your help!!
I have done that already, but the coordance points doesn't seem to be right. any idea why that happened?


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What do you mean by it doesn't seem right. The gp_Pnt just stores the data you give it. Are you referring to the graphical display? If so, I am sorry that I cannot help. I am not using OpenCASCADE for graphical display at this time.