GPU acceleration


Has anyone had any experience with GPU acceleration with opencascade?
If you have what was your experience and did you use OpenCL, CUDA or another high level library?


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Bump. I would also like to know if its possible.

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What are you looking from GPU acceleration? Which OCCT algorithms?

Currently, OCCT does not use OpenCL/CUDA - as you can see from dependency list; and only Visualization relies on GPU acceleration intensively (through OpenGL/GLSL).

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Hi Kirill,

I have read about it here and this is the only information about this integration. I am not able to find anything else about it, but this pdf promised much and i wanted to know if it was implemented.

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This paper about Open CASCADE experience, not about Open CASCADE Technology product.
Open CASCADE uses OpenCL in various domains for accelerating application-specific algorithms, including efficient rendering of CSG models mentioned in the article.

OpenCL has been also used by earlier version of Ray-Tracing rendering engine in Open CASCADE Technology.
This was further replaced by OpenGL/GLSL-based code for better portability and performance.

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Thanks for the explanation.