Had to modify the installation!


I'd just like to know if anybody else had to modify the
env.ksh and library links to make the Draw Test Harness
and the Tutorial workable? I had to do that and found
that quite disturbing... I want to evaluate if OpenCASCADE
can be used in our applications, and I can't even run
the tests!

Let me know if you had similar problems


Doug Blanding's picture

Yes, I also had to modify env.ksh to get the Draw Test Harness working.
I never did get the tutorial working under Linux. It was unable to find libqt.so.2 . Everything seems to work fine under Windows. Did yoiu figure out how to get it so it could find the QT libraries?

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What distro are you using? OCC only supports certain ones.

For the libraries, it *may* work to create symlinks to link the existing library to whatever OCC expects.

Or, re-compile it for your distro:
cd /opt/OCC/ros
./configure --with-tcl=/path/to/tcl-install --with-tk=/path/blah/blah
cd adm/make
make install

You'll need tcl and tk, I don't remember what else.