handle for TopoDS_Shape

Which is an appropriate handle class for 'TopoDS_Face', just like 'Handle_Geom_Curve' is for 'Geom_Curve'?

BTW, is 'TopoDS_Face' good to represent a general trimmed surface?

Thanks in advance.

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TopoDS_Face could be used like an Handle, in fact TopoDS_Face inherit from TopoDS_Shape which has an Handle to a TShape, a location and an orientation:

Handle_TopoDS_TShape myTShape;
TopLoc_Location myLocation;
TopAbs_Orientation myOrient;

so if you assign a TopoDS_Face to another TopoDS_Face, they will share the same TopoDS_TShape using the Handle_TopoDS_TShape.

And yes, TopoDS_Face is the way to represent general trimmed surface.

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