have OMF Mesh-Generation from a points array ?

i bought OMF for Mesh Generation from points not to Mesh Operating.

how can i make Mesh (PAVING / AFM / structed / unstructed method) as Point array ?

is it possible?

OMF or BRepMesh!!!
which one is create a mesh from a Points Array?

thanks and sorry for poor english.

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I am not sure if OMF contains a separate meshing algorithm at all. As far as I understand, it offers efficient data structure, various analysis algorithms and visualization techniques, plus import from external formats (e.g. NASTRAN) to fill the data. Consult its documentation or contact the support team.

I don't remember all details of BRepMesh (moreover since 6.3.0 it has been switched from Triangle to another algorithm). But it should first split edges and use created points as boundary conditions. I don't know how it calculates internal points on a surface, and whether it offers some interim API for set of points (not just TopoDS_Shape). Look into the source code.

There is an advanced algorithm called Express Mesh (http://www.opencascade.org/support/products/emesh/) which they offer under paid license. You may contact the company to check if there is an API for points.

Yet another option is to use any other available triangular mesh generator to fill data structures of OMF. I found this - http://www-users.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/~roberts/software.html - which looks as comprehensive catalogue of available meshers, both free and commercial.

Good luck!