have you noticed TOP VIEW... is something wrong

hi everybody there...
have you noticed the top view.....?
if you create cylinder with axis direction in y direction... its front view is horizontal rectange.. right!.. side view is circle..correct!..
but if you view its top view it is vertical rectangle..

if we follow engineering drawing principles.. the front view and top view lies in same projector...
that is it should be horizontal rectangle..

am i correct.? whats the problem?

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Hello Bhimesh,

First of all, speaking of any specific behavior of any high-level view operation is possible in the frames of a particular application only. V3d_View::SetProj() method accepts projection directions in the form of orientation of one of three model space axis, and it is up to the application to map these axis orientations into user friendly notions such as "front view" or "right view". Therefore, there is no bug in V3d_View class in this regard.

However, we checked the standard Qt-based Import/Export sample application and it seems that "front" and "right" views are swapped indeed: the "right" one is oriented so that the model space Y axis points in a direction opposite to the user, and for the "front" one the X axis points towards the user. If you mean this particular case, then we confirm there is a bug in the standard Qt-based Import/Export sample, and we thank you for pointing us to it.

And, in addition: there is no problem with "top view" in this sample application - orientation of the axes seems to be correct: X to the right, Y in upward direction, Z towards the user.

Best regards,
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