HELP for building please

How can I build CADRays. I am sorry for my question but I didnt build any app before it. And I have another question. If I build CADRays successfuly, what it gives me? I mean to say my CADRays is v1.0.0 and if I will build CADRays with new OCCT is it better or not? And how can I do it. I dont know anything about building apps from source code.

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If you are not developer, then it doesn't look like a good idea trying to build application against newer version of libraries. It will require not just building, but porting efforts against changes in API and to benefit from new features.

As of 'what would it bring' - it depends on what you expect from application. For instance, if you are loading STEP files, then you'll benefit from bug-fixes on importing some STEP files. If you are writing Tcl scripts for Draw Harness - then you may benefit from new commands / improvements in modeling algorithms, etc.

You may trace highlights of OCCT releases to see if something interesting from the list would pick up your eye or not.