Help getting p[ast installshield(Linux)

Installshield bombed and I can't get it to run a second time, it assums it is already installed and skips the first section, However it automatically tries to install in "/" and runs out of space, How do I reset the %$#$ installshield. I have re-extracted and I have to use the "java -verbose -jar...' trick because the install.csh bombs too.

I loath installshield, nothing but problems on all platforms, If you are taking a vote, I vote for it's removal form the next install procedure.

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Got past it. For those who find themselfs in the same position, I deleted or temporarily renamed the file in my /root folder

Now I see why releases have slowed. Installshield is proprietary, QT is proprietary, Java is a mess, 100's of depreciated this n that.