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Hi Everyone,

I recently downloaded the OpenCASCADE disk to take a look at it's suitability for an application I'm developing. I've encountered two problems which are baffling me and I'm hoping for some insight.

First, I am running everything on a Windows NT 4.0 workstation.

1) After installing, I decided to try the basic DRAW TOPOLOGY example where they have you create a circle. I can enter commands in the command window and get the dump messages, but nothing shows up in the draw window.

I did however find another example which defines the view as axo instead of av2d and that example worked fine. Does anyone have an idea why I can't get the av2d example to work? I've checked all the environment variables and think they're right.

2) My project is to develop a JAVA app which utilizes the OpenCASCADE. I downloaded and installed the Java Samples, but can't get them to work properly. When I run "runme.bat" it starts the java samples routine and brings up the main frame window with all the tabs. I can click on the buttons and get the text version of the commands, but, again, don't get any graphics. I then get a fatal error and the program shuts down. If I look back at the console window, there is an error that the OpenGL 'SetPixelFormat' call failed, with an error number 2000. So, I'm assuming the OpenGL stuff isn't initializing properly and that's why I'm having problems. The GraphicShr environment variable is set to the opengl.dll file.

Any suggestions on either of these items would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Jon Stoltzfus Assistant Research Engineer Penn State University

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Since I'm a beginner too I had some problems of that kind...

Well for your first problem, perhaps you don't see anything just because the secondary windows inside the main Draw one aren't correctly positionned by default... just try to expand the main window, the two little ones in it will appear.

I'd be glad if you could help me include new commands in Draw..

Hope it helps