Help to install

I want to install OpenCascade on my laptop. I first tried install TCL, TKL, TIX, FLTK and QT.
Do I need all these tools to make OpenCascade Running?
I have a problem to install Tix. I run the MAKEFILE but it seems to have a problem to find the libraries to create tix.lib and tix.exp (Error LINK 2001)

Can you help me to solve this problem? I really need OpenCascade installed to go head on my work.

thx a lot

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Have a look at and notice what there stands in the parentheses.

TCL and TIX is needed for Draw Test Harness.

Java, FLTK and QT is needed for some of the provided examples.

OpenCASCADE itself is a C++-library for which you don't need any of these things.

Aside this, "Error LINK 2001" is not a suitable ressource for error-correction. It is always better to start posting with the lines, where the first error occurs.

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to run the samples of OpenCASCADE you have not to install TCL, TK, QT.
The ressources for the samples are in the 3rdparty directory located in the directory where OCC is installed.
I hope this will help you