Help!! Memory Leak

I recently switched over from WinNT4.0 to Win2K. There seems to be memory leakage by cascade applications b'cos after I do some compilations and run the applications a number of times, I find that the computer becomes very slow and the task manager shows very less available memory. This again reduces with more number of runs of the application. I tried it with all the sample applications also. This phenomenon didnot happen on WinNT. Please help!

N. Sharjith

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Hi, dear all,

I have found the same problem. In addition, I have checked many samples provided by Open Cascade, the system memory seems to decrease continuously, e.g. one by one “file open” operation in only once implementation. In “exoTKAD” by Stephane there is the same question. I do not know that it is the Open CASCADE oneself or others. Could someone help us?

S. Du

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I find in Xp that all applications with open cascade increase handles.
I have seen this with Process Explorer.
I have quite finisched a big application and it's a real big problem. I have to kill me. Some one can help?

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We had a handle leak problem in the past.
The reason for this problem was the graphic driver, made by Nvidia. I think you should upgrade your
driver before anything else.

Cascade has no Windows-handle leak problem in itself.

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I also have the same problem. My application is using OpenCascade for dealing with STEP data. After processing of large STEP file hundreds of megabytes are not released!
If anybody find how to free memory used by OpenCascade please notify me also.