Hilighting lines by mouse (MoveTo) in the 3D-View

I'm having some strange problems with hilighting lines by mouse (MoveTo) in the 3D-View: (OCC 6.3)

I draw a few parallel, long lines with a small offset (lenght=1e5, offset=1e-3) in the X/Y plane (z=0) and the I zoom in, so that I can see the single lines.
Depending from the X/Y position on the line, there is a big distance between the mouse position (calling MoveTo) and the highlighted line. Sometimes it is impossible to hilight a line.
If the lines are parallel to the X or Y axis, the hilight works correct.
If the lines are short (lenght=1), the hilight works also correct.

If I draw a few nonparallel long lines, the distance between mouse position and highlighted line changes (also the direction)
It seems, that the hilight accuracy is depending from the line lenght and the zoom (Scale). (and may be also from the absolute X/Y position)

Also I have tried the hack from EricThompson : http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_19009/
and the initialization from Paul Jimenez : http://www.opencascade.org/org/forum/thread_14852/

but both without success.

Any suggestion? Is there a patch? Is this the same problem registered with OCC21986?
Thank you in advance.


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Hi Peter can you tell me how to draw a line with two gp_Pnt and show it in the AIS_Context

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Thanks I got it