How to add multiple integer to a TDF_Label

Hi, I have a label (associated with a shape) which I give a name. I'd like to attach more than one integer to the label, each having a specific purpose of course, and I'd like to have a name associated with the integer so I can retrieve it by name later.

This is how I put a name for the label:
TDataStd_Name::Set(aLabel, "bottle");
and this would be how to add an integer (with value of 12 as example), but it appear that the label only accept one integer attribute and I cannot give this integer a name:
Handle(TDataStd_Integer) intImage = TDataStd_Integer::Set(aLabel, 12);
TDataStd_Name::Set(intImage, "image"); //this does not work..

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I cannot help you with that, but if you want to add arbitrary additional information to a label, you might want to create your own special purpose attributes for that (subclass TDF_Attribute).


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Yes Benjamin, I think this would be the best, something like a struct, or even a class of my own. I will look into that. Thanks

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Why not attach TDataStd_ExtStringArray and TDataStd_IntegerArray attributes on the same label? What you can then do, is use your array Index to link a string in TDataStd_ExtStringArray with the corresponding integer value in  TDataStd_IntegerArray . Basically TDataStd_IntegerArray::Value(Index) will be the integer value that corresponds to string in TDataStd_ExtStringArray::Value(Index).

You'll just need to make sure you synchronize the two arrays i.e. if you add or remove an entry from one array at a certain index position, you'll need to do the same on the other array. This to me will be the easiest way to do it using standard attributes.



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For completeness I'll add the following:

If you want to know the integer corresponding to a certain name, you will first traverse the elements in TDataStd_ExtStringArray and locate the name you are looking for. When you've found the name, you'll note the Index value of that name in TDataStd_ExtStringArray. You will then use this Index to retrieve the corresponding integer in TDataStd_IntegerArray i.e. TDataStd_IntegerArray::Value(Index).

I hope this helps.