How to apply environment mapping texture on objects ?

Does anyone know how to apply environment mapping texture
on a particular AIS_Shape or AIS_TexturedShape ?

After searching a bit i found that OCC supports this on
a per V3d_View basis with the use of Graphic3d_TextureEnv object.
This means that it is a global parameter for all objects on the view.
Even trying the above i had no luck at all.

My code looks like :

Handle(Graphic3d_StructureManager) the_struct_manager = Child->myAISContext->MainPrsMgr()->StructureManager();
Handle_Graphic3d_TextureEnv texture_env = new Graphic3d_TextureEnv(the_struct_manager,"c:\\env_sky1.rgb");



I really don't know if i do something wrong ...

Any help would be appreciatable

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Found it !!

Environment mapping does not apply to a shape as texture but as material !

Step 1 :

Look at the code above

Step 2 :

Handle_AIS_Shape Shape = new AIS_Shape(Child->myAISContext->SelectedShape());

Graphic3d_MaterialAspect mat;


, To apply environment mapping to the selected shape