how to build a solid model from 3d face model

I am new to OpenCascade and wondering how I can build a solid model from 3d face model.

Suppose I have a bunch of 3d faces that enclose a volume. Those faces are not related to each other so basically they just look like a "solid" but actually not.

I understand that I can build the topology using "sewing" command in opencascade to stitch those faces together to be a "watertight" face model. However, it's still not solid model, i.e., it's still "hollow" inside.

So what kind of command or approach I can use to create the solid model from a stitched 3d face model? Is there a command that can fill the enclosed face model to get a solid? Thank you very much. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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A Solid is defined as a closed Shell that specifies the boundary. The closed Shell encloses the volume. What do you mean with "hollow inside"?

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thanks for your reply. "hollow inside" means there is no material inside the model. Do you mean once I define a closed shell model, then it also becomes a solid model? Thanks again.

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A Shell is just a bunch of Faces sewed together. If you have a closed Shell, then you can convert it into a Solid (if you do NOT do that, the Shell will still be just a Shell, even if it could define a Solid).

When it comes to visualization, a Shell and a Solid look just the same: all that is drawn are the Faces of them.