How to build a surface with holes?

I want to build a surface and then make three "holes" in the shape of circles. Is it possible?
What methods should I use?

Thanks in advance, Sofia Gameiro

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Well, I really know the answer to your question, but from the question itself I can guess that you may help me a bit.
I have installed OpenCASCADE 5.1 on WindowsXP and using VC++ 6.0.
Can you please tell me if there are any MFC Wizards as such and how can use them?
I am just confused about from where to start and a little help/docementation can be great help.

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You should go to FAQ - How to use C++ environment with Open Cascde.
That's how I did it.

Good luck, Sofia

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Hi Sofia,

take a look at the "BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace" class (esp. the Add() method).
I think it should produce the right results for you!



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It worked just fine!