how can i get the opencascade version 3.0?

I installed opencascade v4.0 today...
but my program does not work in this version because there is not a file, Rtk.lib.
it worked well in opencascade v3.0.

how can i get opencascade v3.0 or Rtk.lib ?
please let me know it~
I want to know it as soon as possible.

thank you for your reading~ & have a nice day~

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Hi, you have two case:
1. To change your program - from file LibDefinition.cpp remove string with rtk.lib and try to recompile
2. Take occ3.0 from ftp. Try this:

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thank you for your quick reply, but i failed to find the opencascade v3.0 with this ftp adress that you had sent to me.

where is it?
i can't find any file in this folder.

please let me know it, i need more detail data.

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Unfortunatеly, I have't access for ftp-protocol. Therefore, I can't check address. But early it worked.

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Hi donald,
I serach the "opencascade4.0" folder and I find the file "rtk.lib.occ31" in ~/opencascade4.0/Windows_NT/Lib, maybe you can rename it to be "rtk.lib" and then try your program again.