How can I make a face from shell and wire?

I want to make a face from shell(multiple faces) and outer wire.

BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace(TopoDS_Face, TopoDS_Wire) receive just one face.

I tried make solid from wire and common operation shell by it, but it needs many time at run and it is unstable. Because, the target faces(shell) as entities of IGES file from any 3D-CAD system.

I tried make one face from shell for using BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace(), but I don't know how to merge some faces in a shell.
(I know how to sewing and fusing in topology-level.)

What API may I use?


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If you like to join several faces into one face, not a shell, it might be possible to use our Surface from Scattered Points component ( ). Please contact us for more information via

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Thanks for your reply.

Just now I trying to build one face by vertexes from crossed points of a cluttered shell.
The intersection operation running so good, but It is difficult to make a face from the points which does not form a grid.

I will try to consider your proposal.