How can I put ScrollBars on V3d_View?

I have created a Opencascade Project with CAS.CADE Viewer AppWizard. On the V3d_View Window,I want to put 2 ScrollBars to implement "Pan" function. But these ScrollBars have comflict with V3d_View general functions. For example: when I rotate a object or the view, Redraw() of V3d_view is called, and then the Scrollbars vanish. Where can I put these Scrollbars,in Childfrm or CView? How can I obviate this comflict between V3d_View and Windows Control?

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The problem with the scrollbars is that they have a beginning and an end. In the V3d_View, you don't have a begin and an end. You can theoritically pan to the infinity.

BTW, I advise you to place the scrollbars in the view ( or using a CScrollView ), because you can have more than 1 View in your childframe ( Splitter Windows ).